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Gallery 3D Animation

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Toyota Corolla Verso (3D Modeling - nWave Digital)

"Toyota Corolla Verso"
nWave Digital
(3,77 mb)

Demo Reel 2001 (3D Animation) "Demo Reel"
(4,96 mb)
Haunted House (3D Modeling - nWave Digital)

"Haunted House"
nWave Digital

Thesis 2001 (High Res.) Thesis High
(5,71 mb)
Transit (3D Animation) "Transit"
(4,13 mb)
Thesis 2001 (Low Res.) Thesis Low
(1,01 mb)
La Vache (3D Animation - Locomotive asbl) "La Vache"
Locomotive asbl
(5,22 mb)